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After the giant tsunami attacked the Aceh Province at the west end of Sumatera Island on 26 December 2004, a significant progress has been reached, especially the long time clash between both Republic Indonesia government and Aceh Rebellion (GAM) has settled through a significant event that was called as “Helsinki Peace Agreement” signed on 15 August 2005. Also, this extraordinary occasion has inspired both parties to sit together for sharing everything in re-building the Aceh Province, the ruptured infrastructures as well as the people mentality to be recovered from the long time traumatic. For these noble purposes, many parties such as the community leaders, scientists, consultants and non-government agencies must take part in ensuring the re-building program of Aceh Province will be successfully.

A special agenda for re-building Aceh Province needs to be designed systematically and properly. It also involved various expertise in order to create a good blue print for Aceh building program.

As a continuation of the success ADIC 2010, the same conference will again be held in the year 2011. International conference on the development of Aceh is now proposed as the annual conference event, initiated by Acehnese student and scholar in Malaysia.

Referring to the issue, Malaysian Aceh Student Association (MASA) and International Association of Aceh Scientists (IAAS) initiate an International scope Conference for sharing ideas, knowledge and insight for the current and future Aceh development program. 

The purpose and main objective of ADIC2011 is to gather all information, views, thoughts, and results of investigation from all academic disciplines around the globe to give a significant contribution for Aceh development in the future. This conference is also a forum for scholars contribute to the advancement and acceleration of sustainable development Aceh.


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To facilitate the parties who interest for conducting an investigation on Aceh development program post tsunami.

To provide a good opportunity for gathering and sharing of experiences amongst the scientists, technologies, academics and other professionals in related fields as well as policymakers interested in addressing issues related to the theme of the Conference.

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ADIC 2011 - Aceh Development International Conference

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